To get in contact with me for any reason please use this form. Please note I am open to reader contributions (see guidelines below) and advertising inquiries but please be honest about your intentions. If you’re promoting/selling something, don’t try and pass it off as artistic or informative content. We may be able to come to an arrangement, but I don’t take kindly to people who try to spam my site or misrepresent themselves.

Reader Contributions

There is no way that one person, a hundred or a thousand people could capture everything that is going on in London at any given moment. That’s why I’m happy to consider reader submitted photos and articles from other London based bloggers. However, I won’t just feature anything on this site, it has to be original, unique and not a direct commercial pitch. In return you will get credit as the author with a link back to your site/portfolio.

I have some guidelines for people wishing to submit photos and those who would like to submit written work. Please pay attention to them, because you’re wasting your time and mine if you don’t. I’ve even included a list of things I’m not interested in just to make everything crystal clear.

Here are some guidelines if you want to submit photos:

  • Photo must be your own work.
  • Photos must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Photos must feature some part of London and/or London life.
  • I can’t pay for any photos on this site.
  • If you’re still interested in submitting a photo please contact me at wrightlondon [at] gmail dot com and we can discuss further details.

Here are some guidelines if you want to submit written work:

  • All written work must be original and your own.
  • No sales pitches, press releases or any other blatant commercial messages.
  • Must cover something to do with London. Can include events, places, history, trivia, etc.
  • I do not pay for content at this time.
  • By submitting written work to this site you agree not to submit the same written work to any other sites. Anyone caught submitting work to multiple sites will have their article taken down and will be banned from further contributions.
  • Your written work can feature one or two links to your website if it is relevant to what is being discussed. Otherwise you can get a link in the author section of the article.
  • If that sounds fair and you would like to discuss things in greater detail please contact me at wrightlondon [at] gmail dot com

Things I don’t want:

  • Copywrited work. If you didn’t create it, don’t send it.
  • Commercial content, unless you are willing to pay for it. I’m open to sponsored posts and other forms of paid promotions but they will be labelled as such. For example, I’m open to the idea of getting a free meal at a restaurant in return for a post, but will disclose the fact that the meal was complimentary. Please use the form below if you are interested in any form of commercial or promotional posts.
  • Typical London photos of major tourist sites and articles about the typical things to do in London. Photos and articles should focus on the more unique elements of London and London life.
  • Anything not about London.


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