Odd Advertising On The Tube – Old El Paso Jubilee Tube Ad

Old El Paso Jubilee Tube Ad

I know you’re likely Jubileed out, but I thought I’d highlight my personal favourite ad to make use of the Jubilee to sell something. I have to give Old El Paso high marks for trying to make Mexican (well Americanized Mexican) food seem British – or at least something you’d want to serve at a street party. They even have what is obviously supposed to be the Queen’s hand holding up a taco. Hopefully it worked out for them, although I have to admit not seeing a single taco, burrito or other Mexican food over the whole 4 days.

I noticed this ad all last week at South Kensington station, but only got a chance yesterday to take a photo. However, I’ve seen it all over London. How about you see any good, bad or just odd Jubilee advertising? Tell me below: