London Circuses in 1951 Were a Little Different From Today

This video of a circus in London from 1951, is part of the British Pathe series, specifically:

London Circus, 1951, the Bertram Mills Christmas show at London Olympia, filmed by British Pathe.

You can watch the complete video on the British Pathe website.

The thing that struck me the most when watching the video is how the animals appear to be treated. I haven’t been to the circus in well over 20 years and for that matter am not even sure they still exist. If they do, I hope they don’t treat animals like they do in this video. While they aren’t visibly mistreated, there is something I find deeply unsettling about having them perform tricks for people.

But maybe that’s just me, how do you feel about circuses?

Come to London! 1966 Style

The video above is part of British Pathe’s archival footage of London.

Come To London, by British Pathe in 1966. This short clip shows a couple using a “water motorbike” on the Thames and Britt Ekland cutting a publicity stunt cake that Peter Sellers drivers out of in a Minnie!

You can watch the full 8 minute video here.

I really love these old movies about how London looked in the past. It’s funny how some places, such as the Houses of Parliament, look exactly the same as today. Whereas other things, such a reporters working on fleet street, have virtually disapered. A nice reminder of how some things change and others remain the same in London, but that it’s always hard to predict which will be which.

Who Didn’t Jet Packs Ever Take Off?

The film above is from:

Jet Man, from the 1966 British Pathe reel “Jump Jet”. Filmed on location at Brands Hatch in Kent, UK.

It’s intersting to watch because the Jet pack operator seems to be in near total control. It’s always puzzled me that we were able to do these things in the 60s, but can’t widely do them today. I’d love to get the chance to use a jet pack. Anyone know why these never took off, aside from the obvious safety risks?