TUBE TUBE 7 – Advert – London Underground Short Film Series

This is the 7th film in the generally wonderful TUBE TUBE series. However, I have to say it is probably my least favourite of the bunch so far. There isn’t anything wrong with it, just not anything particularly amusing or engaging about it. The Youtube description says it’s based on a true story – which is what it feels like – just one you had to be there to find funny.

If this is your first experience with the TUBE TUBE series and you felt meh about it; don’t let it put you off! Make sure you watch the rest of the fantastic series – either from the TUBE TUBE tag or from their YouTube channel. You can also Like them on Facebook or follow them @tubetubelondon.

Still looking forward to all future instalments.

TUBE TUBE 6 – Awkward – London Underground Short Film Series

Awkward is the first of the new batch of TUBE TUBE films to be released. Like its predecessors it makes you feel you’re listening in on a real conversation and is of course really well done. It starts Natalie Hughes, reprising her role as Ruthie (from TUBE TUBE 2) and Kirsty Pannett as Jane. Omar Kenawi and Ben A Williams reprise the director and producer roles respectively.

I find the choice of title a little interesting since almost all the previous films could have been given the same title. One of the major themes of the TUBE TUBE series are awkward, but real to life conversations one might actually hear (or be a part of) on a tube journey. TUBE TUBE 6 is no exception.

TUBE TUBE 5 – Ground Down – Tube Film Series

Ground Down is the fifth and last of the first batch of TUBE TUBE films to be released (don’t worry more are on their way over the next several weeks/months). At nearly 5 minutes it also the longest, which gives the characters a little bit more time to develop.

Ben Whybrow and James French play good friends discussing a recent mishap related to online dating. Since I don’t want to ruin the surprise, I won’t say anything more, but this instalment has the TUBE TUBE trademark of great dialogue that sounds like something you’d actually hear on the Tube. Director Ben A Williamns and producer Omar Kenawi are to be commended for their choice of actors in this and all previous TUBE TUBE episodes.

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TUBE TUBE 4 – Second First Date – Tube Film Series

Second First Date is the 4th film in the TUBE TUBE series. It brings back Nadine Lewington (TUBE TUBE 1 – Bonsai) and Timothy Knightley (TUBE TUBE 2 – Leave To Remain) and places them together in another awkward situation. Given the dialogue, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that each is reprising their respective characters from previous episodes.

Thus, this episode is both satisfying from the point of view of what happens to Timothy Knightley’s character and incredibly sad from the unexpectedly remorseful dialogue given by Nadine Lewington. Overall, another great episode that is made all the better by brining back previous characters.

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TUBE TUBE 3 – A Sunny Attitude – (Very) Short Film

This is the third instalment of the wonderful TUBE TUBE series. I won’t ruin what happens in this one, but if you’re in any way socially awkward (like me), you may see a secret fear confirmed.

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TUBE TUBE 2 – Leave To Remain – Tube Short Film Series

Leave To Remain is the second episode of the TUBE TUBE series. It is probably my favourite episode of the first five to have been released so far, and in some ways the most brutal. Timothy Knightley plays Lloyd an Aussie lothario who gets some great news and totally humiliates (intentionally or not) Mat Pinckney’s character (couldn’t catch a name I was informed by Mat via twitter that his character’s name was Paul) all in less than 2 minutes. Both are vying for Ruthie (played brilliantly by Natalie Hughes), but we already know what’s going to happen in the end.

Of course you’ll have to watch to find out for sure. Speaking of which, TUBE TUBE is a whole series of short films which you can watch on their YouTube channel. You can also follow them on Twitter @tubetubelondon and like their Facebook page. You can of course also stay up-to-date by subscribing to my blog through the various subscribe option on the right.

So what do you think of episode two? Better or worse than the first? Why?

New Short Film Series Set On The Tube – TUBE TUBE 1 – Bonsai

TUBE TUBE is a brand new short film series set entirely on the tube. In episode 1 Rob gives his theories about the types of women he meets from online dating in London. Overall, great acting and writing. You feel as though this is a conversation (well more monologue) that you could witness late at night on the tube. Although that being said, the main character is a bit more coherent than most after a few drinks.

I found the series via this post in reddit. Apparently the film is based off a true story in director Ben A Williams’ real life. Also, in case you’re wondering the crew did get rare special permission to film on the tube. This episode was also a finalist in Sundance London’s Short Film Competition.

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What did you think of the film?