TUBE TUBE 2 – Leave To Remain – Tube Short Film Series

Leave To Remain is the second episode of the TUBE TUBE series. It is probably my favourite episode of the first five to have been released so far, and in some ways the most brutal. Timothy Knightley plays Lloyd an Aussie lothario who gets some great news and totally humiliates (intentionally or not) Mat Pinckney’s character (couldn’t catch a name I was informed by Mat via twitter that his character’s name was Paul) all in less than 2 minutes. Both are vying for Ruthie (played brilliantly by Natalie Hughes), but we already know what’s going to happen in the end.

Of course you’ll have to watch to find out for sure. Speaking of which, TUBE TUBE is a whole series of short films which you can watch on their YouTube channel. You can also follow them on Twitter @tubetubelondon and like their Facebook page. You can of course also stay up-to-date by subscribing to my blog through the various subscribe option on the right.

So what do you think of episode two? Better or worse than the first? Why?

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