25 Great London Blog Posts From The Past 25 Days

Passive Aggressive Directions
Photo from outside South Ken last year

When I’m not working, walking the tube or out at the pub, I spend a fair bit of time reading about London. There are so many good blogs about London out there that don’t get the attention they deserve. So I’ve decided to start an irregular feature where I highlight some of the better posts I’ve read recently.


  1. The Cally Market – new street market opening on Caledonian Road November 17th, 2012 (near Caledonian & Barnsbury Station).
  2. Food Standard Agency Apps – Find out if a restaurant, takeaway or food shop you want to eat at or buy food from has good food hygiene standards. Warning do not look use the morning after.
  3. Parliament Tours Could Raise £3m Per Year – Won’t happen, but it should.
  4. Homeless families to be expelled from London by councils – Seems councils are looking for ways to move their poorest people out.
  5. 4.2% Fare Rise – Diamond Geezer looks back on transit fares in historical perspective. No surprise, transit’s got a lot more expensive.
  6. London Overground Goes Orbital – The South London link from Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction opens on Sunday 9th December, and suddenly it’ll be possible to ride round the capital via only orange trains.


  1. The Electric Tube – Yet, another redesigned tube map, but this one includes all of TFL’s properties.
  2. Green v HoldenWarning only for Tube nerds: comparing the station designs of Leslie Green and Charles Holden.
  3. A Familiar Fear: Flooding & The Underground – A look at the Underground’s own uneasy relationship with water.
  4. Victorian plans to encircle London with a Crystalline Railway – Ian looks at the crazy scheme.
  5. Marylebone Station, the Great Central Railway and the Channel Tunnel – a brief look at possibly my favourite mainline railway station in London.

London Life

  1. More Aerial photos from Jason Hawkes – This time he shoots the rooftop gardens of central London. Amazing as always.
  2. London’s cabbies mourn demise of classic black taxi – video
  3. Mike Tsang’s Chinese East Enders – A look at the Chinese-Londoner experience.

Real Estate

  1. Inside London’s £100m+ homes – who has the money to buy these places?
  2. Gifts of the Games – Looks at some of the infrastructure, buildings, parks and other things left behind by the games.
  3. Elephant & Castle Skyscraper Approved – Strata building gets a rather uninspiring friend.


  1. London’s Top 10 Golden Oldies – a look at 10 of the oldest things in London.
  2. President, George Washington – One of the more bizarre statues in London.
  3. Memorial to the Unknown Warrior at Victoria Railway Station – Ian has a visit.


  1. London Pubs Named After Sort-Of-Famous People – history of the names of London’s lesser known pubs.
  2. Disturbing Daubs: Francis Bacon’s London – Apparently he lived only a few blocks from where I do now.
  3. The High Days & Holidays of Old London – Shows how crowded London was even a century ago.
  4. At Colin O’Brien’s Flat – I particularly like the photo of the Barbican going up.
  5. Elegance with a Dark Side: A History of St James’s Park – A very thorough look at St. James Park and it’s sordid history.

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