Blackfriars Solar PV Bridge – From Waterloo & City Line Walk

Blackfriars Solar PV Bridge

While I don’t think this is a particularly good photo of Blackfriars Railway Bridge, it does show something very interesting going on. The bridge is going to be covered in solar PV panels, which will generate around 900,000 kWh of electricity per year. To put that in perspective a typical large home solar system produces about 3,500kWh per year. Once completed the Blackfriars solar PV system will generate about 50% of the station’s entire power needs.

This combined with the fact that you can already enter Blackfriars station from either side of the Thames – makes it the most interesting railway station in London – in my opinion.

Taken on my Waterloo & City Line walk – part of my Randomly London v. The Tube Challenge.

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