What A Difference 5 Years Makes – City of London 2007 vs 2012

City of London 2007 vs 2012

While the Shard might be the most dramatic recent change to London’s skyline, it is by no means the only one. Comparing these two photos taken from St. Paul’s shows just how much the skyline in the City of London has changed in just 5 years.

The buildings under construction are the Leadenhall Building and 20 Fenchurch (aka the Walkie-Talkie). Completed new buildings include the Walbrook Building and Broadgate Tower.

You can see each photo below:


View of City from top of St Paul's Cathedral, London



Found via reddit.

Bank Station – The End Of The Waterloo & City Line Walk

32 - Bank Station

Bank station was the end point for my Waterloo & City line walk, the first of the 11 lines to be walked as part of the Tube Challenge. At this point it means 2 stations down and 268 to go. This will be the first of 5 total visits to the Bank/Monument complex – the only other station I’ll pass through more often will be King’s Cross St. Pancras.

Random fact about Bank station – It wasn’t until 1940 that the Waterloo and City line platforms were renamed to Bank. Prior to that date the line had terminated at “City” Station, hence the name Waterloo & City line.

Blackfriars Solar PV Bridge – From Waterloo & City Line Walk

Blackfriars Solar PV Bridge

While I don’t think this is a particularly good photo of Blackfriars Railway Bridge, it does show something very interesting going on. The bridge is going to be covered in solar PV panels, which will generate around 900,000 kWh of electricity per year. To put that in perspective a typical large home solar system produces about 3,500kWh per year. Once completed the Blackfriars solar PV system will generate about 50% of the station’s entire power needs.

This combined with the fact that you can already enter Blackfriars station from either side of the Thames – makes it the most interesting railway station in London – in my opinion.

Taken on my Waterloo & City Line walk – part of my Randomly London v. The Tube Challenge.

Shard in Fog

Shard in Fog

What: Shard in Fog

By: , if known please tell me so I can provide full credit.

When: June, 2012

Where: Taken from the Victoria Embankment looking south towards the Shard

Story: Not really sure what the story of this picture is, but I liked seeing the Shard immersed in fog. Really neat effect. I hope for the sake of the owners of the Shard that this doesn’t become a common occurrence. Also seeing the Millennium Bridge in the foreground adds to the whole scene.

The Shard Looking All Shiny in The Morning

The Shard looking all shiny

What: The Shard Looking All Shiny in The Morning


When: May 30, 2012

Where: Taken on London Bridge

Story: I’ve been meaning to post this picture for awhile now. Given that I’ve featured a lot about the Shard this week I though now was as good a time as any. This photo was taken the morning of May 30th, 2012. I’m not sure what caused the bizarre shiny reflection, but it is not photoshopped. Many other people got the exact same photo that day. Really neat to see, almost make it look like a beacon of progress.