London, Gangnam Style – Top 5 PSY Video Parodies Set In London

PSY’s Gangnam Style is perhaps the most popular viral music video of all time. As of today the video is closing in on 275 million views on Youtube. Of course when something gets this popular people are bound to parody it. Here are the Top 5 Gangnam Style parodies (by views) filmed in London:


Views: 4,472

Comments: The latest and one of the best that’s sure to become more popular over the next few weeks. The video was shot around London on Saturday 22nd September and upload just 36 hours later.

4. London Hall Sophs – Gangnam Style

Views: 5.083

Comments: Amazingly coordinated given how drunk I assume most of the participants are.

3. Gangnam Style in London

Views: 7,263

Comments: Probably the least coordinated of the videos with no alcohol involved.

2. PSY-Gangnam Style London Vers. (강남스타일) Cover by Kelsey

Views: 307,785 or 0.11% of the original

Comments: Overall a strong contender, but bizarrely half the video seems to be filmed in (Kelsey’s?) room with the rest amusingly shot in locations around London. Still you tell a fair bit of effort has gone into it.

1. PSY – LONDON STYLE (Gangnam Style M/V Parody)

Views: 391,910 or 0.14% of the original

Comments: This video deserves to be the most popular London Gangnam Style video. Shot across London it’s great to see members of the public joining in. Also makes sure you watch right through to the end to see the bloopers made while trying to film the video.

Bonus: The Original PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V

Views: 274,341,254

Comments: Miles ahead of all the parodies.

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