London Student Protest – Vision Of A Post-Apocalyptic London

London Student Protest

What: London Student Protest – Vision Of A Post-Apocalyptic London

Where: City of Westminster, London, SW1A

Why: I should start off by saying that this is not my own work. I found it on Reddit from user WholeWideWorld. I just thought it was really neat looking and got his permission to share it here.

This is a photo from one of the London student protests that happened last year. I love the post-apocalyptic look of the photo, especially because it was taken in front of the Clock Tower (Big Ben), arguably the most photographed building on earth. As other users on Reddit have pointed out, it looks like something from the video game Half-life or the film Children of Men.

Beyond that, I also think the picture does a really good job of capturing the surrealness of the protests. To me the police don’t even look entirely real. But what do you think? Leave your comments below:

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