The Houses Of Gillespie Road

Houses of Gillespie Road

Gillespie Road Sign

If you’re not familiar with football and/or London you may wonder what makes Gillespie Road different from any other. Until 2006, the road served as the northern boundary to Arsenal Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club. Emirates Stadium, their new home, is just slightly further west.

Gillespie Road was also the name given to the current Arsenal Station until 1932, when the club pressured the tube for a name change (the original name can still be seen on the tiles at Platform level). Returning to the houses, to me they don’t look like the type you’d expect to find next to one the most popular football clubs in the country. However, that may be my North American upbringing where sports stadiums increasingly tend to be built far away from housing.

This photo was taken during my Victoria Line Walk, in support of Bowel Cancer UK to see more photos from the walk you can visit my Flickr page.