Thoughts On Turning 30 And The Direction of The Randomly London Blog

This month (July, 2012) I turned 30 and while I don’t feel any different, it has made me think about what I want to do with my life going forward. The main thing is that I want to make sure I continue to get the most out of it. London has so many thing to do and see that it can at times feel overwhelming. There is thought process in many people (myself included) to put off doing things, thinking they’ll always be there.

I want to try and break this habit in myself and make sure I make the effort to go out and experience London to its fullest. Getting the most out of life is easier in London. So far since turning 30, I think I’m off to a good start. Here are the 6 big highlights of this month (In chronological order, not all in London):

  1. Got to compete for West London in the Londonist’s Londoner Challenge. Very fun event, although I was a little out of my depth.
  2. Went to visit Iceland with my wife. Highlights included the Gullfoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, Blue Lagoon (where I got to finally drink a beer from a swim-up bar), driving to the base of Eyjafjallaj√∂kull and going out in Reykjavik. And one more… (the less said about whale watching the better)
  3. Our visit to Dill restaurant in Reykjavik gets a separate mention. My wife took me here on my birthday itself and we enjoyed a 7 course meal. Highlights included: raw shrimps with fennel cream sauce, raw salted cod, mushrooms flavoured with birch tree, duck breast and leg with mustard, rhubarb and drunk onions, and rhubarb with celery and skyr.
  4. Went proper sailing while on a work party and got to swim in the Solent. Conclusions I’m a terrible sailor, and the current can be extremely strong. Still I had a good time trying something new.
  5. Saw my first Olympic events live. Watched the men’s and women’s cycling road race start at about 3km in, and the ending of the women’s event just 3km from the finish line.
  6. Went skydiving!

Other highlights from the month include my first London bloggers meet-up, leaving drinks with a former co-worker, seeing behind the scenes at the natural history museum and watching Batman on the IMAX at the science museum. This is on top of getting to enjoy the company of my amazing wife. So all in all, July 2012 has arguably been the best month of my life so far.

So how am I going to top it from August onward? Well I do have one challenge I’ve set myself to complete before my 31st birthday. However, that will be explained in a separate blog post.

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