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What Are The Best Things To Do In London That No One Knows About?

Reddit user cr3ative (twitter @cr3) has a few ideas I bet you may not have heard of:

For example did you know this about the London Eye?

223 - London Eye on The Thames

Between 3am and 4am (usually, weather permitting), the London Eye is put in to a self-cleaning cycle and rotates at about 6RPM. That doesn't sound like a lot, but that's one revolution every 10 seconds! It gets all the rain, dust, grime etc off, all the mud etc ends up in the thames.

They don't "offically" allow you to ride it in this time, but slipping the cleaners (who aren't the normal ride operators) £20 will get you on one of the pods.

It's a hell of a rush but tbh only a matter of time until someone gets hurt and they stop this.

Or how Celebrity Spotting works?

Celebrity Spotting in London is a fun hobby, but the first and only rule is DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THEM OR POINT, it's rude and intrudes on their day, and then we won't get to see them again.

Boy George hangs out at Cargo in Shoreditch quite often for example. Go out and hang around the pubs and clubs and see how many celebs you can spot in one night.

Each celeb has a card punching tool which verifies you have seen them. Ask politely when they're not busy and they'll punch a card for you. Once you have a card with ten punches on, the City of London police will let you have a go on their taser gun (in the safety of their training course).

I tasered an owl out of a tree on my go, and it was fucking hilarious.

Want to look like a real London pro? Make sure you do the following in front of a big crowd

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