Insiders Guide to Walking In London

Love Walking? Then Read The Insider’s Guide To Walking In London

As you probably already know I’m quite the fan of walking in London. My personal walking adventures have taken me to the ends of each of London’s 11 tube lines, along several of its Overground routes, the length of the Regent’s Canal and most of the the Thames within London.

And still I find there’s always more to discover! The only problem is deciding where to walk next. Catherine from has partially solved this problem by asking 21 locals (myself included) for a recommended walk in her Insider’s Guide To Walking In London (PDF).

These are not step-by-step walking guides, but serve as inspirations for walks you might want to consider. Here are just a few of the types of walks included:

  • Walking a tube line (mine of course!)
  • The walk where you don’t have to cross a single road (by Victor Keegan)
  • Discover Coffee in the City (by Lera)
  • Walk from London to the Sea (by Chris Booth)
  • Learn about London’s industrial heritage (by Rob Smith)
  • Wander around Bloomsbury (by Noelle Poulson, who’s walked every street in central London!)
  • And plenty of other walks up hills, along canals and into the wilderness you never knew was so close to your doorstep.

The only problem now is deciding which one you’d like to do this weekend!

The Guide is completely free can be downloaded here or by clicking the image below:

Insiders Guide to Walking In London

What’s your favourite London walk? Share it with everyone else in the comment section below:

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