Euston To Watford Junction: Walking The Overground In Pictures

This post is part of my continuing series of walking the Overground & DLR, now that I’ve successfully walked the entire Tube network. The walks are in continued support of Bowel Cancer UK.

001 - Euston Station
Euston is probably the ugliest mainline station in London, but at least it was a sunny day.

My second Overground outing was a somewhat ambitious trek from Euston all the way out to Watford Junction. I completed the 22.27 mile (35.84km) walk on a very sunny June 21st, 2014 in just under 7 hours.

A significant portion of line uses the same tracks as the Bakerloo line. This meant I ended up walking some of the same streets I had previously, although this time going in the opposite direction. In fact, until 1982, the Bakerloo line used to run all the way up to Watford Junction, which means this walk could also be considered a tube walk extension.

Here are just a few of the photos I took along the way. As always, I hope you enjoy!

003 - Leslie Green Euston Station
My favourite Euston secret is this abandoned Leslie Green Northern Line station building

005 - Former National Temperance Hospital
The Former National Temperance Hospital

006 - Greater London House former Carreras Cigarette Factory
Greater London House, formerly the Carreras Cigarette Factory

008 - Mornington Crescent Station
A familiar sight

009 - Horse and Cart
Not what I expected to find in the backstreets of Camden

012 - Dylan Thomas House
Dylan Thomas’ former home

014 - Tracks north
Overground track heading north

015 - The Rotunda in Camden
The Rotunda Building, Camden

016 - Fake Banksy
Looks like a Banksy knockoff

018 - Pirate Castle
The Pirate Castle

020 - LMS stands for London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Mandatory Canal shot. LMS stands for London, Midland and Scottish Railway which used to own the goods yard where today’s Camden Market stands.

021 - Horse Hospital at Stables market
The Stables housed and treated injured horses who worked moving goods off and onto the trains that used to call at Camden

022 - Roundhouse
The world famous Roundhouse

023 - Art
Art at the top of the Roundhouse

024 - Chalk Farm station
Another familiar sight

025 - Former Primrose Hill Station
Former Primrose Hill Station, which annoyingly for me no longer exists

028 - Entrance to Primrose Hill tunnel
Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a clear shot of the ornamental stonework at the mouth of the Primrose Hill Tunnel

030 - Tube ventilation shaft
Ventilation shaft for the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines

031 - South Hampstead station
I finally make it to the second station on the line. If you follow the line as closely as possible, the walk is about 2.7 miles, one of the longer distances between stations in Central London

033 - Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate
The Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate

034 - Back of Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate
The back of the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate

038 - Bunny
Some interesting “street-art” in Kilburn

040 - Queens Park Station
Another candidate for London’s ugliest station. Queen’s Park is also where I begin following the Bakerloo line

043 - Telephone Booth Queens Park
The back of the phone booth I used for the cover photo of my Bakerloo line walk

044 - Kensal Green station
Still say this station looks like a barn

049 - Tubbs Road Pocket Park
Another visit to Tubbs Road Pocket Park

051 - Le Junction Pub
World Cup time

055 - Prepare to meet thy god
My favourite random sign of the day

058 - Windrush Road
Didn’t expect to find a Windrush Road this far north in London

062 - Empty market in former Unisys Towers
Grim looking empty market at the base of the former Unisys Towers

065 - River Brent
River Brent

068 - Stonebridge Park with former National Rail logo
Wonder how long before they change this signage?

Argenta House
Argenta House, opposite Stonebridge Park station

075 - Secret Entrance
Secret entrance along a shaded footpath

077 - Tracks towards Wembley
Lots of tracks

079 - Wembley Stadium

080 - Wembley Central Station
Wembley Central Station under extensive renovation

087 - Norfolk Arms pub
Amazingly, this pub with tenuous Canadian connections has still not been redeveloped since the last time I was here.

091 - Wembley Stadium
Wembley really dominates the skyline of North London

096 - South Kenton Station
My favourite Bakerloo line station

103 - Harrow Central Mosque
Harrow Central Mosque

104 - Kings and Queens of Britain
The kings and queens of Britain

105 - Missing a few letters at Harrow & Wealdston station
Harrow & Wealdston station seems to be missing a few letters. This is the end of the Barkerloo line, but I still had further to walk

108 - Ghost sign
Ghost sign

112 - Former Letchford arms pub
This pub has seen better days

114 - Letchford House
Letchford House

117 - Hatch End station
Hatch End station has possibly the nicest exterior of any station along the line

119 - Parcels at Hatch End station
It even once had a dedicated parcel office

121 - Empty Tracks
Still further north to go

122 - Cross Country time
The pavement suddenly ended and it was time to go cross-country

123 - Stile time
You know you’re out of Central London when you have to use a stile to cross a field…

124 - Walking through a field with horses
…full of horses

128 - Not a TFL bus stop
Another clue I’d left London was that the buses were no longer being run by TFL

129 - Not in London anymore
This might also have been a clue

130 - Oxhey Hall
Love this name

132 - St Matthews Church
St Matthews Church, Bushey

133 - Bushey Station
Bushey Station

136 - Railway Viaduct in the Dell
Who doesn’t love a railway viaduct? This one is located in The Dell.

137 - River Colne
The River Colne

139 - Watford High Street Station
Watford High Street Station

141 - Watford Junction Station
It was then just a short walk to the final stop of Watford Junction

This walk was even more enjoyable than my last one. It had all the elements I look for in a great walk: good weather, interesting sights and a little bit of the unexpected. This was especially good as I ended up spending a fair bit of time in areas I’d already walked through before.

The three most surprising lessons I learned from this walk were the following:

  1. You can never predict when you’ll end up walking through a field full of horses.
  2. That Watford, while outside of London, is still within the M25. I kept expecting to cross over or under it at some point (as I did during my Metropolitan and Central line walks) but never did.
  3. You can get from Watford Junction to Euston in just 17 minutes if you catch the non-stop train. This made my nearly 7 hour walk seem somewhat less impressive.

You can read all of my Tube, Overground & DLR walking related posts on my Walking the Tube page and you can donate to help support Bowel Cancer UK here. Finally, I’d leave to hear your thoughts on the walk so please leave your comments below:

4 thoughts on “Euston To Watford Junction: Walking The Overground In Pictures”

  1. Loved the photos and notes. Must have been a lovely walk.

    Have you tried any of the more mainstream London walks? I was thinking of giving the The Thames Path or the Capital Ring Walk go, doing a different stage each weekend. Or are there better ones to do in your opinion?

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I do a lot of walking I don’t write about on this blog. I’d say the Thames Path and walking along the Regent’s Canal are my two favourites. I’ve done 1 section of each of the Capital Ring and the London Loop (although passed both many times while walking the Tube/Overground). The Capital Ring is decent and benefits from being easily accessible by Tube the London Loop is good if you want to feel a bit more out in the country. I plan to fully walk both in in the next few years.

  2. Well done! I am looking to do the Watford to Euston walk, where did you get your map from? Not entirely sure on our route as of yet.

    1. Thanks! I just used City Mapper to plot the most direct route from station to station as I went. Don’t generally plan these things in too great detail.

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