Slow Sunday – Video By Drew McFayden

What better choice for a Sunday afternoon than a video called Slow Sunday. As the name suggests it shows London slowed down – specifically the areas around City Hall and the South side of Tower Bridge. It was created by Drew McFayden as an experiment using a Canon 600D with a Canon 50mm and 18-135mm lens (I don’t know what that means, but I assume it’s pretty good).

He says that

I spent a few hours late Sunday afternoon taking shots. In a few hours I took 150 shots, mostly short takes lasting around 30sec -1min. some was unusable but the were some nice shots as well. It was all shot hand held without any tripod (I don’t own one at the moment).

Overall, I think the video shows a lot of promise but isn’t quite as polished as it could be. This may be due in part to issues he had with editing it on an old computer. However, I really enjoyed the use of Philip Glass’ music as it creates a bit of a haunting feeling. I look forward to seeing what Drew comes out with next.