Come To The Maple Leaf On Jan 20, 2013 To Try Montreal Smoked Meat

A Montreal style Smoked Meat Sandwich
A Montreal style Smoked Meat Sandwich

Regular readers will likely know that I’m both walking the Tube to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and that I’m Canadian. What you likely don’t know anything about is Montreal style smoked meat. Montreal Pastrami by Jacob Harrison and myself are looking to change that.

To find out what smoked meat is all about (if the picture above hasn’t enticed you already) come to the Maple Leaf Pub in Covent Garden anytime after 1pm on Sunday Jan 20, 2013. Plus, he’s generously offered to donate 50p from each sandwich sold to the cause.

What: Try smoked meat. To learn more about what smoked meat is and isn’t read their Manifesto.
Where: Maple Leaf Pub in Covent Garden (41 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7LJ) -see map below
When After 1pmTickets go on sale at 12:30pm, meat will start being served at 12:30. Sunday Jan 20, 2013
Who: Myself, Montreal Pastrami and hopefully you!
Why: To try an amazing Canadian food that hasn’t previously been available in London, while also supporting fundraising for Bowel Cancer UK.

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Maple Leaf By The Thames

Maple Leaf Thames SW11

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What: A maple leaf in the muddy banks of the Thames.


When: December 2nd, 2011.

Where: Wandsworth, SW11 on the bank of the Thames near the Battersea Bridge at an especially low tide.

Why: It may seem weird to start a blog about London with a picture that really could have been taken anywhere. Certainly it is not your standard picture of Big Ben (that is to say the Clock Tower), Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s, etc. that you might expect to find. However, this picture is one of my favourites. I like it because it is simple, it was fun to take, and perhaps most of all because it reminds a little of home.

I am and always will be Canadian, even though I would like to make London my permanent home. This website is going to reflect that fact, both in the pictures I take and the content I write. Seeing a maple leaf by the Thames seemed a perfect confluence of my life in London. The symbol of my native country next to the river I have spent countless hours walking along.

Most of my future posts will focus more on things you can only see in London, but I thought I should start out with something personal to get the ball rolling.