150 Posts About The Tube At 150 – The London Underground Anniversary

Google Doodle of the Tube's 150 anniversary
Even Google’s getting in on the 150th anniversary.

While the official grand opening of The Metropolitan Railway (the first bit of what would become the London Underground) occurred on January 9th, 1863 – it did not accept it’s first fare paying customers until the 10th. Given that it’s a means of mass transportation for the masses and the fact that our political elite wouldn’t be caught dead using it on a regular basis – many (myself included) think the official 150th anniversary of the Tube should be today, not yesterday.

In any case if you celebrated it yesterday, today or more likely don’t really care one way or the other you will no doubt have seen a huge amount written about it. Now given that I’m walking the tube network in support of Bowel Cancer UK, you might reasonably assume I’d have some sort of post ready for the momentous occasion. Alas, a move to a new flat and sporadic internet have meant that writing anything interesting has been difficult.

More importantly there is nothing really left to say. Below I’ve collected 150 websites/articles/books/etc. about the 150th anniversary of the Tube. They should provide you all the information you could possibly want about the London Underground.


1. London Underground’s 150th anniversary (TFL)
2. Transformation of the Tube network continues apace during historic 150th year (official press release)
3. TFL Facebook Timeline
4. 150th Anniversary of the London Underground (London Transport Museum)

From London Bloggers

5. Happy Birthday, London Underground (A View From The Mirror)
6. Happy 150th Birthday to The Tube (Shit London)
7. Mind the Maps: Celebrating 150 Years of the Tube (Mapping London)
8. Rather English – Celebrate 150 years of the Tube (Tired of London, Tired of Life)
9. Underground sesquicentennial! (Caroline’s Miscellany)
10. Underground on film (Caroline’s Miscellany)
11. TimeOut Tube Infographic (Annie Mole)
12. LU150: London Underground Past, Present & Future (Annie Mole)
13. 150 years of the London Underground (The Great Wen)
14. London Underground at 150: its past and future (Dave Hill)
15. Photos and Videos: Eye Candy Celebrating the London’s Underground’s 150 Anniversary
16. See how the Tube was built 150 years ago
17. LU150: A Birthday Steam Test (London Reconnections)
18. LU150: Steam On the Underground Timetable and Prices
19. Google celebrates the London Underground with a Doodle (IanVisits)
20. Best places to photograph London Underground’s heritage steam train trips (IanVisits)
21. Diverting the Fleet River for the London Underground (IanVisits)
22. 150 – 150th anniversary celebrations (Diamond Geezer)
23. Happy 150th Birthday London Underground: 30 reasons we love the tube (TimeOut)
24. @tube_boob’s ode to the Underground (TimeOut)
25. And don’t forget the humble tube map’s 80th birthday… (TimeOut)

Blogs that regularly write about the Tube

26. Going Underground by Annie Mole
27. London Reconnections
28. 150 great things about the Underground
29. IanVisits
30. Diamond Geezer

Diamond Geezer Walks the Original Route of The Tube

31. Paddington to Farringdon
32. Paddington –> Edgware Road
33. Edgware Road –> Baker Street
34. Baker Street –> Portland Road
35. Portland Road –> Gower Street
36. Gower Street –> King’s Cross (mentions my King’s Cross Canopy article)
37. King’s Cross –> Farringdon


38. 150 years of the underground
39. The London underground in facts and figures
40. The London underground at 150 – a birthday journey
41. 150 years of the London underground – in pictures
42. The five best tube station designs
43. Which are the best books to read on the London Underground?
44. Mind the werewolf: the London underground in film
45. London Underground: top tube tracks
46. An interactive guide to London by tube along the Central line
47. Steam train back on tube track for 150-year anniversary celebrations
48. The history of the tube poster – in pictures


49. Tube 150th anniversary: Families with the Underground in their blood
50. Tube 150th anniversary: How navvies paved way for Crossrail
51. Tube 150th anniversary: Brand ‘worth its weight in gold’
52. Tube 150th anniversary: In praise of the silver stairway
53. How the Tube opened up London’s countryside
54. 150th Anniversary of London Underground (CBBC)


55. The London Underground celebrates 150 years
56. London Underground: 150 fascinating Tube facts
57. The London Underground: 150 Years In Culture
58. Archive footage released as Tube celebrates 150th anniversary
59. What we love about the London Underground

The Independent

60. 150 facts for 150 years of the London Tube
61. 150 years of London Underground: loved as much as it is reviled
62. How London celebrates the Tube’s 150th anniversary
63. Gallery: 150 years of London underground
64. Simon Calder: Going back to Underground Zero

The Evening Standard

65. Tube 150
66. Join us in celebrating the Tube, Mr Cameron – and then cough up the £12bn funding it needs
67. Christian Wolmar: Happy 150th birthday London Underground – today of all days, learn to love the Tube
68. The poster boys and girls of London Underground
69. What’s in a date? The mystery of the real anniversary of the Tube

Other British Media

70. A Guide To Alternative London Tube Maps
71. Mind the gap: the next train marks 150 years of the Tube
72. London place names, but not as you know them
73. Gallery: London Underground turns 150
74. 150th anniversary of London Underground marked with new stamps
75. http://news.uk.msn.com/london-underground-map-a-history-in-pictures-976975
76. http://news.uk.msn.com/london-underground-things-you-didnt-know-758758/
77. The London Underground turns 150. See how the tube map has changed
78. Happy 150th birthday the Tube. Here’s the first passenger complaint letter
79. Art of the Underground: Celebrating 150 years of inspiration on London’s historic Tube
80. London Underground at 150: Oyster card for ma’am?
81. So it qualifies for a free travel pass
82. Underground art scene: Exhibition to celebrate 150 years of the Tube will feature incredible posters from each decade since 1908
84. London Underground turns 150 years old
85. 150 years of the Tube quiz
86. London Underground: 150 years
87. 25 facts to mark 150 years of the Tube
88. Pictures track stops along London Underground’s 150 year journey
89. Tube 150: Images show life of Tube from 1855 to 1899
90. Tube 150: London Underground marks 150th birthday
91. Going underground: A metro-spective to celebrate 150 years of the tube
92. Mind the gap – and fellow passengers: The weird and wonderful people of the Tube in 150 pictures
93. Going down the Tube: Ten of the funniest London Underground viral videos
94. The anniversary of the London Underground isn’t when you think

Articles from the rest of the world in English

95. London’s Tube subway system marks 150 years
96. London’s Tube celebrates 150 years of ‘minding the gap’
97. London Underground: 10 tips for Tube survival
98. Big year for the original Tube
99. Still crowded today: London’s tube, world’s first subway, marks 150 years in operation
100. 150 years of the London Tube
101. London Underground celebrates 150 years
102. London’s lifeblood, the Underground, celebrates 150 eventful years
103. London Underground celebrates 150th anniversary
104. Happy birthday London Underground! Weird and wonderful public transport
105. World’s first subway marks 150 years in operation
106. London fetes world’s oldest underground railway at 150
107. London celebrates 150 years of underground railway operation
108. London’s underground love affair celebrates 150 years
109. Oldest, largest and most expensive: London’s Tube turns 150
110. World’s first subway ‘London underground’ marks 150 years in operation
111. 150 years old and still running late: London’s Tube celebrates landmark anniversary
112. On It’s 150th Birthday of the First London Subway Ride, A Look at the Incredible Design Influence of London Transport
113. Vintage Tube posters showcased on London Underground’s 150th birthday
114. Subterranean Stories: What’s Your Subway Tale?
115. London’s Subway System Turns 150 Years Old
116. An Underground Airport, Tube-Travelling Pigeons and Giant Locusts: Cultural Research Into London Underground

Books about the Underground

117. Underground: How the Tube Shaped London
118. Walk the Lines: The London Underground, Overground by Mark Mason
119. London Underground By Design by Mark Ovenden
120. Underground, Overground: A Passenger’s History of the Tube by Andrew Martin
121. Do Not Alight Here: Walking London’s Lost Underground and Railway Stations by Ben Pedroche
122. Amazing and Extraordinary London Underground Facts by Stephen Halliday
123. The London Underground Activity Book by Samantha Meredith
124. What’s in a Name?: Origins of Station Names on the London Underground by Cyril M. Harris
125. London Underground Maps by Claire Dobbin
126. Art London Underground
127. London’s Disused Underground Stations by J.E. Connor

150th Tube Anniversary Gifts

128. LTMuseum Shop | tube150
129. Royal Mail London Underground Stamps
130. Official UK £2 coins for 2013

Reports in Other Languages

132. Stimme der Londoner U-Bahn: Sie ist “Mind the Gap” (German)
133. Wir drücken auf die Tube (German)
134. Le “tube” londonien, un monstre de 150 ans, vital mais sclérosé (French)
135. De Londense metro bestaat 150 jaar. ‘The Tube’ in film, muziek en literatuur (Dutch)
136. Londra: 150 anni di “Tube” (Italian)
137. Aldwych, la estación más cinematográfica de los 150 años del «Tube» de Londres (Spanish)
138. 150 años por un ‘Tube’ (Spanish)
139. Metro de Londres comemora 150 anos, mas mantém o charme (Portuguese)
140. Londyńskie metro obchodzi 150. urodziny (Polish)
141. W.Brytania/ Londyńskie metro, symbol stolicy, obchodzi 150. urodziny (Polish)
142. Londra metrosu 150 yaşında (Turkish)
144. Tube, 150 tahun jadi simbol kota London (Indonesian)

Posts by Me

145. Randomly London V. The Tube Challenge
146. Walking The Waterloo & City Line – From Waterloo to Bank
147. Victoria Line Stations
148. Walking the Victoria line from Walthamstow Central to Brixton
149. Bakerloo Line Stations
150. My daily tube commute ends just as the Tube turns 150

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