What Do You Think Of The Loaf? London’s Newest Skyscraper

The latest addition to London's skyline
The latest addition to London’s skyline?

Bread company Warburtons have announced a new central London HQ. Already dubbed by the Londonist as ‘The Loaf,’ the two towers would sandwich the Gherkin on either side. While it is still on the drawing board, it may just become London’s 237th high-rise development.

Do you think they will improve London’s skyline or ruin it? Leave your comments below:

One thought on “What Do You Think Of The Loaf? London’s Newest Skyscraper”

  1. I think the new city sky scrapers compliment the heart of the financial district of the city of London .However it is quite concerning that such an ambitious development though desirable that it maybe. This is currently proposed to close to what are already iconic city scape buildings and could literally clutter this area and spoil forever the balanced profile of architecture we are now seeing developing in the city of London.

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