What Makes The New Met/Circle Line Trains Better? Michael Portillo Explains In This Video

I suspect most regular readers of this blog have ridden on the new S-stock trains that have debuted on the Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City & District lines over the past 8 months.

Former Conservative Party politician and unashamedly passionate rail aficionado Michael Portillo explains a few of the key benefits of the upgrade using his distinctive style in the video below:

It was produced by TFL and a few of the key benefits (for those wondering) are:

  • Air conditioning!
  • Longer Trains. In fact the current trains are longer than St. Paul’s is tall.
  • Open carriages. So you can safely walk between cars and people can move right down inside.
  • More energy efficient. The breaks that capture power back as they break.

To learn more you can visit TFL’s website.

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