Tube/Overground: Walking The Former East London Line In Pictures

This post is part of my continuing series of walking the Overground & DLR now that I’ve successfully walked the entire Tube network. The walks are in continued support of Bowel Cancer UK.

Former Shoreditch station
Former Shoreditch station was the end of the original East London Line

While I’ve only just announced my intention to walk the Overground & the DLR, I walked the former East London Line with Pete Stean from the Londoneer and Mandy Southgate from Emm in London last February as part of my original Tube challenge. They both wrote great summaries of the walk, which you can read by clicking the links above.

I’ve been far less diligent in my writing & posting, so I now present to you some photos from the walk instead as my way of officially kicking off my next challenge.

ROA Crane
The famous ROA Crane

Street Art Brick Lane
Some more colourful street art just off Brick Lane.

Whitechapel Church Bell Foundry
The Whitechapel Church Bell Foundry is the the oldest manufacturing company in the UK and has made such famous bells as the Liberty Bell & Big Ben.

Whole Sheep £2.99/kg
Just some of the food options in Whitechapel

Former Britania Pub
Former Old House at Home Pub
Two former pubs now being put to other uses in Shadwell

Canal in Wapping
A small reminder of Wapping’s maritime past

Wapping High Street
Not your typical High Street

Marine Police Force Building
The original home of the Marine Police Force, the first formal police force in the world

Hidden steps to the Thames
One of the many hidden steps down to the Thames to be found in Wapping

Shard through Dove
Looking at the Shard through Dove sculpture

Converted warehouses at Shad Thames
Converted warehouses at Shad Thames

Tea Trade Wharf
Tea Trade Wharf

Former Edwar III Manor House now located in an estate
Former Edwar III Manor House now located in an estate

Rotherhithe Tube Station sign
Sign may be a little out of date

Rotherhithe Street & Mayflower Pub
Rotherhithe Street & Mayflower Pub which is where the American Pilgrim Fathers set off from

Scary looking figures at St. Mary Rotherhithe School
Some somewhat scary looking statues on Mary Rotherhithe School

Canada Estate
For the record, most of Canada does not look like this estate

Missing Stairs
Looks like you may be missing a few stairs

Art on On Top of Goldsmith's Building
“Art” on On Top of Goldsmith’s Building

Cold Blow Lane
Cold Blow Lane

New Cross Gate
New Cross Gate is the last stop on the walk

The real highlight of course was the company and chat provided by both Pete and Mandy. A very cold yet enjoyable walk. More photos from the Overground coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Tube/Overground: Walking The Former East London Line In Pictures”

  1. It was a great day! Well done on starting a new challenge! I definitely agree that walking when you feel like it is a good idea. I remember it was bitterly cold on the day of our walk.

    1. Thanks! Yep feel like I proved I can walk in all weather conditions, but really prefer it if it stayed how it was last weekend.

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