Secrets Of The Bakerloo Line By Geoff Marshall

The Bakerloo line is my least favourite on the London Underground. The trains are old and most of the stations are pretty boring. Nevertheless, even the most unloved of London lines has some secrets and Geoff Marshall (current Tube Challenge World Record Holder) shares them.

In the video above you’ll learn about: The line’s different termini over the years, Geoff’s least favourite station on the Underground, some tiles revealing a station’s previous name, a vital tip about the best way to get to London Zoo, some neat features of Piccadilly Circus and where they put trains to sleep.

For even more about the line read: Bakerloo Line Underground Stations – Facts, Trivia And Impressions

You can watch Geoff’s other Tube secrets videos here:

Finally you can follow Geoff on twitter @geofftech.

Found via Londonist

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