Secrets of the DLR By Geoff Marshall

Not content to focus on just the tube, Geoff Marshall continues the wonderful secrets series with Secrets of the DLR. I especially like this video, not only because it focuses on the seldom discussed DLR, but also because I got to see it being filmed! (Any help I may have offered was minimal at best)

The video may only be 5 minutes long, but took over 5 hours to film. I don’t want to ruin any of the magic but a lot of thought and effort goes into the editing process and several good bits had to be dropped to allow the whole thing to flow so well.

I won’t spoil anything that’s in the video, just watch it! However, as an added bonus here 5 photos I took on the day.


DLR Ticket Machine rebooting, seems it runs on Windows


Make that Windows XP


Cool tower Spotted at that back entrance of Tower Gateway


The very punny Abbery Road sign


The Secret DLR Lift at Bank

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Secrets of the Waterloo and City Line By Geoff Marshall

Today is the final Secrets of the Underground video in the series. In this video Geoff Marshall looks at the Waterloo and City Line, the Tube’s shortest. Now you’d think there wouldn’t be too many secrets on such a short line, but Geoff’s been very sneaky and manages to uncover the following:

It’s too bad there aren’t more tube lines to include in this series, but like me perhaps Geoff can now focus on the Overground and the DLR for his next videos.

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Secrets of the Metropolitan Line By Geoff Marshall

In this video Geoff Marshall looks at secrets of the Metropolitan Line, the oldest on the network. Some of these include:

  • The furthest station from London.
  • The station that will soon be removed from the Underground map.
  • The secret exit that leads to a forest.
  • The point where steam trains used to run on the underground.
  • The original features you can spot at Uxbridge station.

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Secrets of the Circle Line By Geoff Marshall

In this video Geoff Marshall decides to take a trip around the Circle line, only to end back where he started. Along the way he uncovers some trivia and secrets such as:

  • The Bermuda triangle of tube stations.
  • The station who’s tiles revel former train services.
  • Where you can find a memorial plaque to a deceased station cat.
  • The drain cover that reveals when London Underground HQ was built.
  • The narrow house that blocks the railway.
  • The station with not 1 but 2 hidden platforms.

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Secrets of the Hammersmith and City Line by Geoff Marshall

In this video Geoff Marshall has a look at the secrets of the Hammersmith and City line. Some of the highlights include:

  • The subway that linked the two Hammersmith stations.
  • Where to find the third Hammersmith station.
  • Where to find the newest station on the whole network.
  • The secret exit used only one weekend a year.
  • The only station where you exit to a canal.
  • Where to find the original Baker Street station entrance.

For a complete list of trivia and facts for each station read: Hammersmith & City Line Underground Stations – Facts, Trivia And Impressions

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Secrets of the Piccadilly Line By Geoff Marshall

In the video above, Geoff Marshall shares some of the secrets of the Piccadilly line. These include:

  • The architect who designed 26 of the 53 stations, including many of its most famous ones.
  • The station that depicts rural scenes through ironwork.
  • The secret design trick that allows the illiterate to identify stations.
  • Where you can find the remains of a spiral escalator.
  • Which station has secret platforms that are no longer used.
  • And most importantly, Geoff’s favourite station!

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The Secrets Of The Jubilee Line By Geoff Marshall

While the Jubilee line may be the youngest, even it has its fair share of secrets. Geoff Marshall shares just a few of the line’s secrets such as the Tube’s most pointless waiting room, where to find a Beatles themed coffee shop, the secret platforms at Charing Cross, the hidden entrance to the Houses of Parliament, and the cinema inside a tube station.

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Secrets of the Central Line By Geoff Marshall

Geoff Marshall returns to show you the secrets of the Central Line. For example do you know which station is the least used on the entire network? How about where you can find a Grade II listed bus shelter? Or a clock made up entirely of roundels? If you’re a tube nerd like myself I’m sure you’ll want to watch.

As a bonus you’ll learn a whole bunch of facts about escalators.

Finally, be sure to watch out for the secret echo room at Tottenham Court Road station. Last month Geoff did a very secret tube tour and showed it to me and others on tour. While he claims the sound effects don’t come across in the video, most of us on the tour thought this was one the highlights.

The only solution is for you to go experience it for yourself.

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