The Secret Map Of Subterranean London

View Underground London in a larger map

The map above is a creation from the team over at the Londonist. Basically it shows many of the secret and hidden things you can find right below London’s streets. This includes not only abandoned underground stations, but also burred rivers like the Fleet, deep level World War 2 shelters, and even the Camden catacombs.

Enjoy your Friday afternoon by having a look around and seeing what you can find.

Secrets of the Central Line By Geoff Marshall

Geoff Marshall returns to show you the secrets of the Central Line. For example do you know which station is the least used on the entire network? How about where you can find a Grade II listed bus shelter? Or a clock made up entirely of roundels? If you’re a tube nerd like myself I’m sure you’ll want to watch.

As a bonus you’ll learn a whole bunch of facts about escalators.

Finally, be sure to watch out for the secret echo room at Tottenham Court Road station. Last month Geoff did a very secret tube tour and showed it to me and others on tour. While he claims the sound effects don’t come across in the video, most of us on the tour thought this was one the highlights.

The only solution is for you to go experience it for yourself.

You can watch other videos in this series here:

You can also follow Geoff on twitter @geofftech and visit his website for more trivia.

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