Why Does Mill Hill East Exist? Jay Foreman Explains in Unfinished London

Ever wonder why Mill Hill East station exists? Well in the first episode of the Unfinished London video series, Jay Foreman takes a look at the Northern Heights plan. While the video was originally published over 4 years ago, I’m hoping you may not have seen it. But even if you have, it’s worth a second viewing.

Far from being a boring history lesson, Jay instead looks at the more humorous aspects of London’s quixotic approach to planning. Just a few of the gems you’ll see in the video:

  • Evidence of a former railway you can see on Google Earth.
  • Revealing footage of Dr. Beeching.
  • A bunch of bridges over nothing.
  • Clues as to where the new line would have gone.
  • Why a certain useless bus stop exists on the A41.
  • The Green Belt’s role in all this.
  • How a poster destroyed the very area it was designed to promote.
  • Why all houses in suburbia look the same.
  • What Bushey Heath station might have looked like.
  • Why any attempt to complete the Northern Heights plan today, would mean Jay’s grandmother would be forced from her home.
  • Finally see Jay run down the middle of the M1.

You can also watch some of Jay’s more recent videos answering the questions of Why Does London Have So Many Airports? and What is the future of London’s airports?

The Future Of London’s Airports? An Unfinished London Look

In his last Unfinished London video, Jay Foreman looked at why London has so many airports. In Unfinished London – Episode 3 (Part 2) above, he looks at what the future may hold for London’s airports given the crazy situation we find ourselves in.

Heathrow expansion, Boris island (which could cost more than £100k) and the frankenstein of Heathwick are all given a look. However, at the end of the day we may not know what the right solution should have been for another 30 years or even if we needed to do anything at all.

What do you think we should do? Or do we need to do anything at all?