The Secret Bits of the Northern Line By Geoff Marshall

Want to learn the secrets to a few of the Northern Line stations? Well Geoff Marshall, best known for his 23 attempts to break the world record for the fastest time traveling around the entire Tube network shares them in this video. Learn about the highest & lowest points on the underground, secret exits and the one station where you can leave only to arrive back where you started.

I’m sorry to see that I missed several of these when I did my Northern Line station visits a few months ago, perhaps an excuse to revisit them.

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Watch The Secrets Of The Victoria Line By Geoff Marshall

The video above is by Geoff Marshall a former world record holder of the Tube Challenge and also creator one of the best pages of tube trivia on the internet. It looks at the hidden side of the Victoria Line, something I may know a thing or two about as well. Enjoy!

To learn even more secrets read: Victoria Line Underground Stations – Facts, Trivia And Impressions

For more secrets watch:

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SUBCITY – Black & White London Underground Video

Given that SUBCITY starts at Queen’s Park (on the Bakerloo Line) I thought now would be a good time to post it. It features lot of great Black & White sequences at various famous London stations such Baker Street, Liverpool Street, Waterloo, King’s Cross and Farringdon among others. Watch for several good lingering and timelapse shots.

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London Underground Tube Map Showing All Ghost Stations & Unbuilt Lines

The Map of the Underground that was and could have been
Click on map for full resolution version

I’m a huge fan of alternative Tube maps. And the one above may just be the most ambitious I’ve ever seen. Using TFL’s current London Underground map design, F. Dans has added in most ghost stations, unbuilt lines and disused extensions.

There are many interesting features, such as the District line out to Windsor (which did exist for a short time), the readdition of Aldwych and other Ghost stations and the addiiton of the proposed (but never fully built) Northern Heights extension.

However the one thing that really stands out to me, is that even with the addition of many proposed lines, few would serve South London. It remains a Tube wasteland, although one that is very well connected by rail (not seen on the map).

I first heard about the project from this thread on reddit where he’s seeking to add even more to the map. You can find out more about the project from his website and Flickr page.