Happy 2013 – A Look Back At Randomly London In 2012

New Years 2013 London Eye Fireworks
New Years Eve 2013 Fireworks from @MPSinthesky - Original Source.

Well the past year has been nothing short of amazing for Randomly London. Although I registered the domain name back in December 2011, I didn't get around to writing my first post until March 24, 2012.

In that very short period of time, I've played around with a few different content ideas and London related topics. The overall response has been great, especially for my Tube challenge related posts.

Here are just a few numbers that sum up 2012:

Number of posts: 155
Unique Visitors: 7,592
Unique Pageviews: 11,392

Top 10 Posts By Unique Pageviews:

  1. Victoria Line Underground Stations – Facts, Trivia And Impressions - 2,032 pageviews
  2. Why Are London’s Property And Rental Prices So High? Hint: It’s Not Greed - 1,129 pageviews
  3. Victoria Line Walk – From Walthamstow Central to Brixton - 1,024 pageviews
  4. Bakerloo Line Underground Stations – Facts, Trivia And Impressions - 914 pageviews
  5. Randomly London v. The Tube – My Personal London Underground Challenge - 718 pageviews
  6. The Various Faces Of The King's Cross Canopy Before Demolition - 565 pageviews
  7. Is There Any Doubt We Are In Drought - 224 pageviews
  8. Tube Challenge Status - 221 pageviews
  9. Waterloo & City Line – Walk And Tube Station Visits - 192 pageviews
  10. What A Difference 5 Years Makes – City of London 2007 vs 2012 - 128 pageviews

Top 5 Sources Of Traffic

  1. Reddit – 4,426 visits - By far my biggest source of traffic. A huge thank you to everyone who's upvoted and commented on my various posts.
  2. Google Search – 937 visits - I'm deliberately not trying to target search traffic, so it's interesting to see it being my number 2 traffic source.
  3. Stumbleupon – 622 visits - Lots of visitors, most of whom don't stay very long.
  4. Twitter - 420 visits - A huge thank you to everyone who follows, and retweets my posts on Twitter. You can follow me @RandomlyLondon
  5. Facebook - 311 visits - Also thanks to everyone who's liked my Facebook page.

So overall a fantastic 2012 and here's hoping 2013 will be even better. You can expect a whole bunch more tube related posts as I continue my tube challenge along with some other surprises too.

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