A Simplified Map of London’s Ghost Stations

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Above you can find yet another map of London’s abandoned and disused ghost stations. However, what sets this one apart is how simple it is to read.

Created by current Tube Challenge record holder Geoff Marshall and author of Do Not Alight Here Ben Pedroche it’s a really easy way to see what bits of the network are no longer in use.

For more on maps of disused stations be sure to check out:

Disused Tube Stations Mapped – London Underground’s Ghost Stations

London Underground Tube Map Showing All Ghost Stations & Unbuilt Lines

London’s Nomadic Football Clubs Mapped – Movement Over Time

View London’s nomadic football clubs in a larger map

Ever wondered where in London your football team previously called home? This map looks at the various homes of London’s 14 professional clubs. Perhaps the most famous move (which even I, a non-football fan know of) is Arsenal’s move from Woolwich (where it got it’s name from the Woolwich Arsenal) south of the Thames to Holloway in the North London.

Yet, it’s interesting to see how much and how little other teams have moved over the decades.

Original source Londonist.com, by @blacksquarebrig found via reddit.

New Geographically Accurate London Underground Map Shows Tube, Overground, DLR & Tramlink

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Who doesn’t love the tube map? Yet as you no doubt already know the Harry Beck style map we use today, severely distorts geography to make it easier to read. This was a vast improved over previous designs (one of which you can still see just outside Temple station) in terms of readability.

However, when you’re walking the tube above ground you want something a little more accurate. The map above courtesy of the new Google Maps shows just how far stations like Amersham, Chesham & Epping are from central London. Gives a whole new perceptive to just how massive this whole walking project has been to date, and how much further I still have to go.

While this is by no means the first time the modern Tube Map has been given the geographically accurate treatment, this is the only one I know of that not only includes the Underground but also the DLR, Overground and Tramlink as well.

Found via Reddit.

Edit: As several people have pointed out to me on Twitter there are a few errors in the map. See if you can find them.

London Underground Tube Map Showing All Ghost Stations & Unbuilt Lines

The Map of the Underground that was and could have been
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I’m a huge fan of alternative Tube maps. And the one above may just be the most ambitious I’ve ever seen. Using TFL’s current London Underground map design, F. Dans has added in most ghost stations, unbuilt lines and disused extensions.

There are many interesting features, such as the District line out to Windsor (which did exist for a short time), the readdition of Aldwych and other Ghost stations and the addiiton of the proposed (but never fully built) Northern Heights extension.

However the one thing that really stands out to me, is that even with the addition of many proposed lines, few would serve South London. It remains a Tube wasteland, although one that is very well connected by rail (not seen on the map).

I first heard about the project from this thread on reddit where he’s seeking to add even more to the map. You can find out more about the project from his website and Flickr page.

Passive Aggressive Directions At South Kensington Station

Passive Aggressive Directions At South Kensington Station, from Guiding the Lily flower shop

This is one of my favourite signs I’ve seen in London in the past year. The sign gives rather vague, passive aggressive directions to all of South Ken’s major tourist attractions. Created by Gilding the Lilly Flowers, I’m guessing they were getting a little fed up constantly telling people how to get to the museums or Harrods. However, after looking at the “map” they give, I’m not sure how useful it really was.

This was taken in December, 2011 and unfortunately was taken away soon after. Very glad I managed to get a picture while it was there.