Commuting Into Waterloo Station – Time-Lapse Video

I just found this wonderful video of people commuting to and from Waterloo Station. There are many great shots of the more mundane elements of commuting from people waiting for their train to commuters touching in to them finding a seat (if they're lucky). However, the highlight for me are some the shots of the buildings you can see from the train including the ever popular Shard and Battersea Power Station among others.

Update 24-04-2012: Just found out this video was created by Iris Wu. You can see more of her work on her website:

Crazy Parkour/Freerunning Video Shot in Croydon

I don't think this video can be described as anything other than crazy. I'm constantly amazed that people can do Parkour/Freerunning and not end up seriously injured or dead. The video was created by Concrete Circus, which is apparently a Channel4 show. It's the first time, I've ever heard of them, but I'll keep on eye out for future videos.

One Way Of Beating London’s Traffic

This video shows how you can get from Ealing to Angel in 3 minutes flat using nothing more than a Vespa. Well OK, the actual travel time was 35 minutes, so the video has been sped up 10X. This makes the whole trip seem incredibly hair raising. I'm sure if I watched it at normal speed it would be far more tame, but at the current speed I did wonder a bit about the driver's sanity.

I originally found this video via Reddit where the driver and video creator responds to many people's concerns with his driving. If you like the video or are interested to learn more about it you should go give the comments a look.

London: A Guide for the Naive

London: A Guide for the Naive from SamGould on Vimeo.

I came across this spoof documentary or mockumentary about London from the Londonist blog. Essentially, it tells you everything you ever wanted to know about London's history, if you don't care about things like facts or accuracy. As a spoof it works fairly well and is certainly worth a watch.

Some highlights include the secret order of the black cab which controls London, the fact that the Thames was a gift from Egypt and that the rich don't bother with regular Oyster cards, but instead have their own special payment system. There are plenty of other amusing bits as well, that will get you sounding like a true Londoner in no time.

While not the fumiest thing I've ever seen, it will make you chuckle, especially if you know a thing or two about London's history and landmarks.