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Videos of London and videos filmed in London.

Watch A ‘Day in the Life’ of London Underground in it’s 150th year

The TFL video above looks at the Tube over the past 12 months during its 150th anniversary. It quickly whizzes you around the network in (bizarrely) one minute and 52 seconds. It includes several great timelapse shots as well snapshots of normal Londoners using the network.

Give it a watch to quickly relive the past year on the Tube.

Full video title: Snapshot 1:50 - a 'Day in the Life' of London Underground in it's 150th year

Going Underground: Tales from the Tube

Going Underground: Tales from the Tube, is a wonderful people's history of the Tube. The documentary doesn't have a central narrative or narrator, but instead focuses on interviews with people who've worked on the Underground and other tube enthusiasts.

Using an amazing collection of achieved photos and videos as a backdrop, it looks at the various jobs that have existed throughout the Tube's history. Labour, race, sex and class relations all get attention and it examines how the tube was in many ways a leader in terms of the social changes that have taken place in Britain over the last 70 years.

Created by digital:works, I don't think this has gotten anything near as much attention as it deserves. So if you do enjoy it please share it via social media and/or e-mail.

Controlled Demolition: Documentary of King’s Cross Roof Demolition

The video above looks at the controlled demolition of the rather ugly green space deck canopy that had been obscuring the Grade I listed Victorian facade of King's Cross Station since the 1970s. From the video description:

This film documents the project, showing how detailed planning and some unique solutions provided a safe and eventually successful controlled demolition of the structure.

I have a bit of a personal interest in this as I visited King's Cross more than any other station during my Tube walks. Thus, I could see the progress unfold slowly overtime.

For more pictures of what the canopy looked like before demolition please read my blog pots: The Various Faces Of The King’s Cross Canopy Before Demolition

View Of London By Helicopter…. From 1967

Click on image above to watch video

The video above by British Pathe from 1967 is proof that Jason Hawkes isn't the first Londoner to take videos of London by helicopter. Titled 'London Landmarks' it features:

Aerial shots from helicopter flying along the length of River Thames from Tower Bridge to Battersea. Among landmarks seen are Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Vickers Building, Battersea Fun Fair and Power Station.

Well worth a watch.

Found via @MrTimDunn

Why don’t we do it in the Road? – Abbey Road Zebra Crossing

Why don't we do it in the Road? is described as "A lyrical portrait of one of London's most peculiar tourist attractions - a humble pedestrian crossing in St John's Wood." Why is a pedestrian crossing a tourist attraction? Because it happens to be the Abbey Road zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles in the album of the same name.

Not being a huge Beatles fan means I've never bothered to make it over to Abbey Road despite now living just over a mile away. Yet, after watching the great camera work of Chris Purcell and being hypnotized somewhat by Roger McGough's narration I feel I should go make the effort.

Why don't we do it in the Road? has won 'Best Super Short' - NYC Independent Film Festival... and 'Best Documentary' - UK Film Festival and well deserved too. In the mean time if you can't make it to Abbey Road itself, you can always watch the live webcam of people making the famous crossing.

Secrets of the Central Line By Geoff Marshall

Geoff Marshall returns to show you the secrets of the Central Line. For example do you know which station is the least used on the entire network? How about where you can find a Grade II listed bus shelter? Or a clock made up entirely of roundels? If you're a tube nerd like myself I'm sure you'll want to watch.

As a bonus you'll learn a whole bunch of facts about escalators.

Finally, be sure to watch out for the secret echo room at Tottenham Court Road station. Last month Geoff did a very secret tube tour and showed it to me and others on tour. While he claims the sound effects don't come across in the video, most of us on the tour thought this was one the highlights.

The only solution is for you to go experience it for yourself.

You can watch other videos in this series here:

You can also follow Geoff on twitter @geofftech and visit his website for more trivia.

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Aerial Footage of The City of London At Night By Jason Hawkes

In this 40 second video Jason Hawkes shots The City at night. Pay special attention to the Walkie-Talkie and the Cheese Grater, both of which are still under construction.

Jason is arguably one of the best aerial photographers in the world and has certainly photographed some of the most iconic and exciting aerial shots of London in the past decade. He's documented the enormous changes that have taken place to London in that time.

For more of his videos watch:

Visit his website: