Which Party Has Traditionally Controlled Your Council? Borough By Borough Political Timeline

London borough council political timeline

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The chart above shows which party has controlled your local London council from 1964-2014, with each square representing one year. Blue is Conservative control, red is Labour control, yellow is Liberal Democrat (formerly Liberal or SDP) control and grey is for when no party holds a majority.

The chart was created by reddit user BlackJackKetchum. Who’s also created a chart to show how many times each council has changed hands:

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What Do You Think Of The Loaf? London’s Newest Skyscraper

The latest addition to London's skyline

The latest addition to London’s skyline?

Bread company Warburtons have announced a new central London HQ. Already dubbed by the Londonist as ‘The Loaf,’ the two towers would sandwich the Gherkin on either side. While it is still on the drawing board, it may just become London’s 237th high-rise development.

Do you think they will improve London’s skyline or ruin it? Leave your comments below:

What Makes The New Met/Circle Line Trains Better? Michael Portillo Explains In This Video

I suspect most regular readers of this blog have ridden on the new S-stock trains that have debuted on the Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City & District lines over the past 8 months.

Former Conservative Party politician and unashamedly passionate rail aficionado Michael Portillo explains a few of the key benefits of the upgrade using his distinctive style in the video below:
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Gospel Oak To Barking: Walking The Overground In Pictures

This post is part of my continuing series of walking the Overground & DLR now that I’ve successfully walked the entire Tube network. The walks are in continued support of Bowel Cancer UK.

Gospel Oak Station
The somewhat randomly located Gospel Oak station was the starting point for my walk

On March 8th, 2014 I completed the first of my Overground & DLR walks by walking from Gospel Oak to Barking. Unlike my previous Tube walks there is no rhyme or reason to the order in which I’ll walk them. I started with Gospel Oak simply because it’s within walking distance of my flat.

Overall, the walk was just over 17 miles (27.4 km) and took a little over five and a half hours. This gave me an average walking speed of just over 3 miles per hour. Not terribly fast, but better than what I averaged walking the Tube. It was a beautiful sunny day so I took a few photos along the way. Hope you enjoy:

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The 68 Proposed ‘Great Tower(s) For London’ That Would Have Surpassed The Eiffel Tower

Great Tower For London

Click the image above for full height comparison

In 1890 Sir Edward Watkin – a British MP and Chairman of the Metropolitan Railway (now part of London Underground) – held a design competition for the “Great Tower For London” that would have rivaled (or in many cases surpassed) Gustave Eiffel’s tower in Paris. In total 68 designs were submitted. You can see a full height comparison of each design by clicking the image above. (created by reddit user herky140).

The Tower was going to be the centrepiece of an amusement park located in Wembley, which would have served as a tourist attraction to lure rail customers out from central London. The winning design would have been 1,200 feet (366m) tall, over 150 feet (45m) taller than the Eiffel Tower. However, the scheme slowly ran out of money and only ever reached a height of 154 feet (47m).

Thus, the tower was nicknamed Watkins Folly and the London Stump. However, all was not lost as Wembley Park turend out to be rather popular. In 1924 the site was picked as the location for the British Empire Exhibition Stadium, better known today as Wembley Stadium.

You can see some of the other proposed designs below:

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Tube/Overground: Walking The Former East London Line In Pictures

This post is part of my continuing series of walking the Overground & DLR now that I’ve successfully walked the entire Tube network. The walks are in continued support of Bowel Cancer UK.

Former Shoreditch station
Former Shoreditch station was the end of the original East London Line

While I’ve only just announced my intention to walk the Overground & the DLR, I walked the former East London Line with Pete Stean from the Londoneer and Mandy Southgate from Emm in London last February as part of my original Tube challenge. They both wrote great summaries of the walk, which you can read by clicking the links above.

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