New Tube Map & Walking Update

Enfield Town

It's been over 6 months since my last blog post, so I thought it was probably about time to give a quick update about the status of my walks. Last month, I was literally 1 walk away from walking the entire Standard Tube Map (Tube, DLR, Overground and Cable Car), but then TFL went and added a few new lines.

Therefore, I'm going to be walking the additional new lines over the next couple of months and hope post a final summary of the whole project at some point this summer. Yesterday I started by walking the new Cheshunt/Enfield Town branches of the Overground, which was great as it brought me to several parts of London I'd never been to before.

By my reckoning this leaves me with 3 walks: TFL Rail from Liverpool Street to Shenfield, Overgound from Liverpool Street to Chingford and DLR Woolwich to Bank. I'll also have to squeeze in the new Overground route from Upminster to Romford at some point, but figure that can be included in one of the other days walks.

To all those who've followed along thank you very much for your support. Truth be told, I've mostly done the walks for myself, but felt it would be shame not to ask for charity support, which is why I ask if you've enjoyed hearing about them that you give generously to Bowel Cancer UK.

London’s 2015 Michelin Starred Restaurants Mapped & Listed

The Michelin restaurant map above was created by Mike David Smith and lists the 1, 2 & 3 star restaurants that made it into the Michelin Guide London 2015 along with Bib Gourmand entries and the best London pubs featured in Eating Out in Pubs 2015.

I've also included a list of restaurants by star level, sorted from cheapest to most expensive according to the Michelin website (obviously the price you pay will depends on what you order).

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Tube Stations Renamed – Plausible Alternatives For All 270


Click the map above for the full version

A few weeks ago, Tube Challenge World Record Holder, Geoff Marshall, came up with the brilliant idea of renaming all of London's 270 tube stations with other plausible names. He made the request via the Londonist, and I suspect got a few more responses than he was expecting.

He's now sifted through the more than 300 comments and distilled them into the map above. Having walked to all of them, I think he's done a pretty good job selecting the new names, although I do have a few disagreements. I made the following suggestions and am happy to see that several (in bold bellow) made the cut.

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Did You Know There’s a Hidden Waterfall & Japanese Garden In Regent’s Park?


One of the best things about London is discovering hidden gems in places you thought you knew. I've walked across Regent's Park dozens of times, but had no idea it contained a secret waterfall and hidden Japanese island garden, which most people seem to walk right past, until reading this blog post.

Both the waterfall and the Japanese garden are located in the Queen Mary's Gardens (in Regent's Park inner circle), most famous for its 12,000 roses. Simply enter enter via the Jubilee Gate and take the first path right and you should be able to find both fairly easily.

While the rest of Regent's Park was quite busy this weekend, this small section of it was remarkably quiet.

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Missed Covent Garden Floating? Here Are 3 Other Alex Chinneck Creations You Can Still See For A Limited Time


No secret how this is staying up

Yesterday, I thought I'd try and give Alex Chinneck's Floating Covent Garden installation artwork a visit before it was taken down. Given the photo above, you can see I was a little too late. While I'm disappointed I missed it, I have only myself to blame.

These sorts of things come and go so quickly in London, that you have seize the opportunity when it arises.

Fortunately, can still see 3 of Alex's other installations around London:

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